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Meghan Ayers
Jun 02, 2022
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Our project is a simple yet remarkably helpful device that will allow Cape York residents to store their fresh food safely all throughout any periods of food insecurity without stress. It is a pressure canner that vacuum seals food, preserving it for an incredible length of time. By practically eliminating the need for refrigeration, it dramatically reduces energy demand and in enabling individuals to cook all their fresh food at once, greatly reduces water consumption which is vital given the limited resources available to the aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islanders of Cape York. Not only this but our device can help alleviate stress surrounding numerous other challenges the population faces such as transport issues which recurrently limit residents access to essential resources such as these. Given the affordable materials we plan to use (primarily aluminium), the design is more than feasible for the communities of Cape York. It requires very minimal energy for manufacturing as can likely be made using hand tools and is entirely reusable; the aluminium is recyclable, the jars used in the canning process can be reused and the water used in the canning process can be reused for other essentials such as showering and washing. Finally, the device can also help provide extra income as individuals would be able to sell their canned food. Overall it is a brilliant device which we believe could do amazing things for the people of Cape York, not only helping with infrastructure and resource challenges but allowing the indigenous people to celebrate and share their culture with a far wider community than they would have otherwise been able to through selling their beloved traditional dishes. Attached below is a short video that explains our project in greater detail: Thank you so much for taking an interest in our project!
Canners for Cape York - London South Bank University -  UK2022-048 content media

Meghan Ayers

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