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Charlie Rendel
Jun 06, 2022
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I hope everyone had an amazing bank holiday weekend! We choose to focus on water and flooding as we believed it had the potential to impact on many other areas such as transportation. Using floodplain and road maps we discovered there were places in Cape York that were heavily impacted by flooding during the regions wet season. This then had an affect on transport as roads became unusable, cutting off communities and making them only accessible by other modes of transport such as helicopters which could be costly. Our aim was to come up with a sustainable solution that used local resources to improve accessibility all year-round and combine this with a solution that hopes to prevent silt in water runoff from roads reaching the ocean, polluting the water and causing damage to the coral reef. Our idea to help Cape York with their roads flooding with a mix of contour furrowing and timber flood alleviation. This works by the furrows slowing the water runoff and trapping some silting, this will both mitigate silting of the coral reefs and encourage vegetation growth. The timber flood alleviation will redirect the water away from the roads at risk, and will be made of waste timber from the mining industry. #CapeYork #Sustainability #Transport #Water #FloodManagement #SaveCoralReefs #RecyclingTimber Thank you for reading and we have included a summary poster and video below for your convenience. Team members: @Kirsten Anslow, @David Duarte, @Aditya Gowda Satish Kumar , @Ayesha Kalame, Rochelle Cabey (and me @Charlie Rendel)
UK2022-076, University of Hertfordshire, Flood Alleviation content media

Charlie Rendel

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