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Tasneem Nawar
Jun 03, 2022
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FireOut is a sustainable design concept that aims primarily to reduce the bushfires’ harm to humans, the environment, and life. The proposal focuses on controlling the bushfires using water while alerting rangers to take the necessary action. FireOut is a fully flexible and adaptive design that meets four key UN Sustainable Development Goals, Industry Innovation and Infrastructure, Responsible Consumption and Production, Climate Action, and Life on Land. The project aims to detect fires and control them in case of detection. FireOut is a proposed solution to the bushfire outbreak in the Cape York peninsula. The design is implemented in the region prone to bushfires in Kowanyama, Cape York, Australia. Kowanyama means the “place of many waters” in the Yir Yoront language. The design project uses rainwater collected during the wet season from November to April and stores it in a reservoir inside a rainwater collector tower. During the bushfire season, starting from May to October, a fire sensor placed on the top of an electrical pole will be responsible for detecting fire and sending information to the control system to alert the rangers of the possible danger in the area. In the meantime, the control system will send instructions to the pump to pump the stored water via sprinklers to start the controlling fire process. The whole communication system will require energy; thus, FireOut uses a renewable source, solar energy, via solar panels. The design is developed through a continuous search and consultation of experts and companies to ensure the design concept aligns with real-life industries and can be adopted by companies and implemented globally. Products used in this design were locally made in Australia. The implementation of FireOut will include a Pre-implementation phase, Phase 1, and Phase 2. The Pre-implementation phase will focus on partnering with the indigenous community of Cape York, who are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. This partnership aims to offer FireOut as a solution to control bushfires which potentially serves the community by protecting native land and life. Phase 1 begins with the indigenous community starting construction, operation, and experimentation of the design concept. The data gathered from this phase will be analyzed to identify any faults that could have occurred while deploying this project. Phase 2 will then focus on using the gathered data to improve the design and expand it to cover a larger area. Social sustainable development is achieved by implementing integrated cultural practices, partnering with the First Nations people, and offering jobs to the community. Ecological terrain is conserved by preventing wildlife damage while the self-sustaining nature of the project guarantees clean power generation and recycled water usage, producing zero carbon emissions while in operation. Lower long-term costs are achieved with high affordability. A small working prototype was created to test the concept. FireOut is evidently the most suitable design for such catastrophic bushfire breakouts in Cape York. And most importantly, this design is essential and required because it saves lives, it saves the lives of the trees that this planet needs, the lives of innocent forest animals, and the lives of our fellow human beings. Lives that are valued above anything else. Thank you for reading, and kindly get in touch with us for further information. #firefighting #sustainability #landsafety #landmanagment #rainwater #recycled #livesmatter #FireOut #innovation #climatechange Team Members: @Tasneem Nawar @Eman Rashid @Zahrah Tungekar @Zahid ur Rehman @Deenah Sabaahat For direct contact, kindly email at:
Team UK2022-064, Heriot-Watt University, FireOut content media

Tasneem Nawar

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